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Terms and Conditions
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Onsite, Offsite, Phone Support, and Remote Support:
Onsite, meaning coming to your residency or business, Offsite, meaning bring your machine to our shop or customer dropping computer or equipment off. Any customer of Your Tech Department understands that we bill on per hour rate. If a technician needs to travel to your location, outside of Fairfield County, it will cost $0.75 per mile, plus any tolls that a technician may pass through. The total amount of miles is determined by Google Maps. Customers are responsible for their data and backing up the data. However, if you would like a technician to backup your data, neither they or Your Tech Department are responsible for loss of your data.

On arrival of a technician, a technician will evaluate the machine for any existing problems to be informed of the status of your hardware. Your Tech Department does not install software without a valid license. If your machine is not working and you need a replacement right away, Your Tech Department can arrange for a loaner. The customer is held responsible for any damage that is caused to the loaner while in their possession. We are happy to provide our customers with phone support and remote login support, these services will be billed in fifteen minute increments based on our hourly rate.

Technical Assistance:

In no event will Your Tech Department be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use of technical support information provided by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT via e-mail, instant message service, remote assistance, telephone or in person, or from any other source, including (but not limited to) the manufacturer or designer of the product and web support sites. All technical support is provided on an AS IS basis only. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT will not be held responsible for unrelated failures or problems that may arise after servicing your equipment. If you notice a problem or are unsatisfied, you are required to contact YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT within 5 days from the date the work was completed, YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT reserves the right to determine appropriate actions.

New and Upgraded Computers:

As a general policy, Your Tech Department does not build and sell new or used computer equipment.  We consult with clients on their needs, make recommendation, and use established buying power to get the best deal for our customers from top tier hardware suppliers and vendors.  As a standard, we recommend certain minimums of hardware and support that can be found on our website here: and usually mandates at least 3 years next business day hardware warranty support.

If urged under specifc circumstances by the client, and Your Tech Department does make an exception to these practices, the following terms apply:  New computers built by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT come with a one year limited warranty against hardware defects from the date stated on the invoice. Upgraded computers come with a parts warranty only for hardware upgraded by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT. Refurbished computers come with a 90 day warranty on hardware. All sales are final - there are no cash refunds or credits. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT reserves the right to make substitutions if a replacement is needed. All substitutions will be of equal quality and specification. Warranty will be void if system is found to be damaged by accident, misuse, misapplication or as a result of service not rendered by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT. Warranty is void should the customer[s] use profanities or rude or disrespectful behavior. Warranty does not cover software of any type including Operating Systems and Hardware / Software incompatibility issues including Drivers. The customer is responsible for backup of their data prior to having service performed. In no way will YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT be held liable for lost data.


YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT does not install illegal software on any machines. If your computer is going to be upgraded to a newer operating system or needs to be formatted or a new hard drive is installed or reinstallation of your operating system will require you to have all your original software. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT is not responsible computer failures, slowdown or other problems that may occur from downloading games, music, applications, etc. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT does not warranty software and is not responsible for viruses, spy-ware, ad-ware etc.

YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT offers a 15 day DOA warranty on all hardware purchased through us. After the 15 days the client is to contact the manufacturer or is responsible to regular support time charges related to troubleshooting the machine..

Equipment and Peripherals:
YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT provides a 15 day warranty on all equipment and peripherals purchased through us.
After 15 days, if clients requests warranty support through YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT they are fully responsible for all shipping costs and time spent.

Quotes given by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT are not final prices. This is only an estimate of hardware, software and labor of a given job. You will be notified when the time allotment of a quote is used up.

If a customer has an outstanding balance with YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT, we reserve the right not to service the client until the balance is paid in full. New, upgraded computer and all capital hardware purchases require payment upfront. Per hour jobs will be billed upon completion. You may pay the technician onsite with a check made payable to YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT. Per hour jobs have seven days to be paid in full unless otherwise arranged. Payments can be made by credit card, you will be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form or you may call our main line at 203-883-0000 to arrange credit card payment. We are glad to accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Credit Card payments will have an additional 4 percent CC Courtesy Charge on top of the total charge. Client agrees that failure of payment to be received by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT within the terms stated on invoice due date may result in the interruption of services provided.   Such interruption does not relieve the Client from the obligation to pay the monthly services charge. All returned checks will be liable for a $45.00 charge. Accounts in default are subject to a late payment charge of $35.00 per invoice and an interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) on the outstanding balance. If the client defaults, the client agrees to pay YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT its reasonable expenses, including attorney and collection agency fees, incurred in enforcing its rights under this  agreement. Upon account interruption the clientís files, information, and mail under the clientís account will be preserved, but will not be accessible, for up to 30 days after the interruption date. If payment is not received with-in this 30 day period, YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT has the right to delete or resell these files, data, information and mail. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT has the right to suspend service to the client at anytime for any reason. This is of course for the protection of YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT and its other clients. If such a suspension is to last for more than 1 day, the client will he notified as to the reason by e-mail. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT exercises no control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through itís servers, and having said such, assumes no liabilities in any events and claims that may arise from our clientís use of our services. YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT liability is not to exceeded total invoice in question. Any abuse of the services provided to client by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT, such as spamming or unsolicited e-mail using YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT equipment and services, or abuse deemed as detrimental to other clients and the quality of their services, could result in immediate discontinuation of services. This agreement is effective as of the date the new account is setup and activated or services are rendered. This agreement is binding to the client whether the new account information is received by internet, phone, e-mail, postal mail, or by any other means. The client agrees they are bound by the terms of this agreement upon the request for YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT services. The use of hosting, data storage, data transmission and affiliated services provided by YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT for the client may be used for lawful purposes only. Any use of these services that is in violation of Federal, State, or Local Law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statue. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT and its principles and employees from any claims.
(Note: If a problem with the work stated above I will notify YOUR TECH DEPARTMENT in writing within five business days of the date on the invoice.)

Clients are informed and understand that all staff of Your Tech Department have non-compete and non-disclosure clauses in effect before begining work.  Furthermore, clients acknowledge that they will not to solicit, request or otherwise impell staff of Your Tech Department to violate these agreements, and  work for any client directly without billing through Your Tech Department.  This would be a serious breach of the trust and would be punishable by punitive legal action.



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